Writing is one of the few professions in which one can be staring out a window and legitimately claim to be working.

  1. Ravenword Delivered
    Ravenword Delivered
    Santa Cruz, California
  2. First Copy Purchased!
    First Copy Purchased!
    Oakland, California
  3. Ravenword at Lake Waldo!
    Ravenword at Lake Waldo!
    Three Sisters, Willamette National Forest, Oregon
  4. Ravenword in Italy!
    Ravenword in Italy!
    On the train from Firenze to Napoli.
  5. At The AWP Convention
    At The AWP Convention
    Association of Writers & Writing Programs Convention in Portland March 2019
  6. Title 14
    Title 14
  7. Title 15
    Title 15
  8. Title 12
    Title 12
  9. Title 13
    Title 13
  10. Title 14
    Title 14
  11. Title 15
    Title 15
  12. Title 16
    Title 16
  13. Title 17
    Title 17
  14. Title 18
    Title 18
  15. Title 19
    Title 19
  16. Title 20
    Title 20
  17. Title 21
    Title 21
  18. Title 22
    Title 22
  19. Title 23
    Title 23
About The Author
From an early age, Justin displayed surprising creativity and dreamed of a pursuing a life as an artist. That aspiration shifted in elementary school after a creative writing assignment brought his talent for writing to the forefront with accolades. By his early teens he was a staff writer for the school paper and beginning his first attempts at drafting a novel. After convincing his mother to type his hand-written manuscript, his motivation to be an author was spurred when overhearing her marvel to his grandmother that he wrote "like a real writer”. Soon, however, any literary indulgences were waylaid by survival after the death of his mother at fifteen followed by the death of his father a year later.

At sixteen, Justin found himself reluctantly emancipated and thrust into the turmoil of adult life. His only remaining outlet for writing was as editor of his high school newspaper his sophomore and junior years. Traumatized and struggling to navigate premature adulthood without a support system, he wandered in hopes of finding his place in the world. Settling in the Sacramento area in his mid-twenties, he began to gain a foothold and wrote his first novel, a primordial fantasy. Although publishing wasn’t a goal, the project solidified his ability to start and finish a project. As his life began to normalize, he began working on a science fiction novel which became the focus of his aspirations. Soon he was a young thirty-something homeowner toying with side projects and writing exercises to strengthen the might of his muse.

One particularly stormy morning, he sat down to capture the ferocity of the inclement weather and the result was the opening scene of what was to become Ravenword & The House of the Red Death. The draft, however, languished on his hard-drive in favor of his penchant for science fiction. In 2004, his desire to stretch himself resulted in his writing a screenplay for a sequel to Star Trek Nemesis that garnered an invitation to Paramount Studios. Although optioning the screenplay was not conducive to the plans for the franchise, the sophomore success fired his motivation and he refocused his efforts on his own science fiction story. Trying to write while pursuing a career impeded his progress, but he steadily chipped away insulated by a sense of comfortable stability. The Great Recession, however, changed everything.

In the aftermath, Justin found himself among the millions who had lost everything and renting his best friend’s mother-in-law cottage. It is here that the story that began with the stormy morning years earlier sprouted from his hard-drive like a seed in winter. With little prospects in Sacramento, Justin relocated to his childhood home of Portland, Oregon, where he would navigate more years of struggle yet find the means to finish the thriller that turned into a horror story which he would title Ravenword & The House of the Red Death.

With the publishing of Ravenword & The House of the Red Death, he is focusing on expanding his presence in the writing community and marketing R&THotRD successfully.